Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs have become a growing epidemic over the last few years here in Virginia. It use to be you would have to travel to a big city and stay at the motel near the airport to be a concern, but not any more. It really doesn't matter if you live in your camper behind your mothers house, or if you live in million dollar mansion, bed bugs do not care. They are out for one thing, a blood meal. It really isn't a matter of how clean you keep your house, if you have pets, you bring them home with you in your luggage, shoes, coat, or even on your person. They are being found in healthcare facilities, hotels, motels, college dorms, just about anywhere you can imagine. All you have to do is lay your bag down on a bed bug infested bed and guess have them at home now!

If you have found you have brought in bed bugs into your home or facility, don't wait! You need to call an experienced pest control professional in to take care of the issue before the problem gets any worse.

Alliance Pest Professionals has a proven track record of bed bug elimination offering Free Bed bug Inspections as well as customized treatment plans. If you are located in Roanoke, Salem, Buchanan or any of the surrounding areas, give Alliance Pest Professionals a call, or fill out the service request form on this page and a licensed professional will give you a call to discuss.

Active Guard Mattress Liners, used as part of a bed bug treatment and control strategy, kill bed bugs dead within 72 hours and provide peace of mind as a revolutionary alternative to encasements.

Superior to any other bedding cover, the breathable, thin liners can be installed over mattresse's and box springs to kill bed bugs. They are comfortable and provide security no other liner can offer.

Active Guard Mattress Liners have been lab and field tested on a variety of bed bug strains by research entomologists.
***These should only be used as a component of the bed bug treatment plan!