Alliance offers residential monthly service for roughly 25% less than our competitors, but you will receive 75% more value in your service! This is how we do it!

Pro-Guard Rodent Program

Alliance Pest Professionals will install a minimum of 2 exterior rodent bait stations to the exterior of your home. These stations are anchored to the ground, locked shut, and labeled with a service/ingredient card inside of every station. Every month these stations are cleaned, replenished with bait, and documented. Pet Safe and Tamper proof!

Exterior Treatment

Every month we treat the exterior of your home around windows, doors, 2′ up and 2′ out (as the product label allows) for occasional invaders. This creates a barrier between your home protecting you from Spiders, Stink bugs, Ants, and all forms of nuisance insects. This is done to put a barrier around your home. When done properly we should never have to enter your home for treatments. Of course we will if the need arises.

Exterior Power Sprays

Every spring and every fall we bring in the heavy equipment! This is a truck mounted, 100 gal., 300′ of hose, gasoline powered, instrument of insect death! Product is applied to the exterior of your home around all eaves, windows, doors 2′ up and 2′ out (as the product label allows). This is the cornerstone of our pest elimination program. We create a barrier between your home and the great outdoors. When this application is performed for our non-monthly customers we charge an average of 0.55 cent per linear foot, but you get both included in your monthly program! Again these treatments are going to protect you from Fleas,Ticks, Bees / Wasps and various occasional invading insects!

Emergency Service

Free of charge!! If you experience a pest problem in between our regularly scheduled services that cannot wait, we provide prompt service to you at no additional charge with a 24 hour response time!

Reporting & Invoicing

Alliance Pest Professionals has went paperless! All detailed service reports and invoices are emailed to you within 30 minutes of service. We have an online customer portal as well. Your online records can be accessed by you at any time, to view past invoices and service reports. Monthly service reminders are sent you via email the day before every monthly service. You also can request emergency service to us on the website at anytime if you prefer not to call.

If you live in Roanoke, Smith Mountain Lake, Vinton or Salem, or any of the surrounding areas, we think you will find that Alliance Pest Professionals approaches pest elimination in a manner that far exceeds the industry norm, and at a cheaper price point. We are a family owned and operated small business that believes in having pride in what we do and we are absolutely “Pet Friendly”. Give us a try today!