When does a regal, 9-point buck leaping across your property or a round eyed raccoon woefully staring up at you stop being a part of nature and become a "pest?" Clearly, the term depends on your values and experiences of the individuals affected. Any animal can be considered nuisance wildlife. Any animal can cause damage or endanger health and safety. At the same time all animals have value!

Racoons coming up on the back porch eating your cat food, or maybe he has found an opening in your home or business and is living in your attic. If that is the case you probably have bats living in that same attic. Groundhogs and Opposums burrowing under your house living in the crawl space. Maybe you have a skunk visiting or living under the house and you or your pet surprise him one night? Ruh roh!

The next time you have an issue with an Opossum, Raccoon, Bats, Birds, Groundhogs, or a Skunk, give Alliance Pest Professionals a call. We will come out and put a plan together to remove this nuisance for you. Alliance only uses "Have a Heart" live traps to capture and remove the culprits. We also offer cleaning and sanitizing of attic spaces for bat Quano as well as exclusion services to prevent entry in your attic or crawl space.

If your property is located in Christiansburg, Floyd, Vinton or any of the surrounding areas, give Alliance Pest Professionals a call, or request a Free quote from the link on the top right of this page!


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