Alliance Pest Professionals offers Commercial Pest Control Services to Healthcare, Hospitality and Food Service Facilities as well as Food and Beverage plants.

"Pro-Guard" Rodent Program

Alliance will install rodent bait stations to the exterior of your building. In most case on each side of exterior doors as well as 30' apart and at dumpster locations. These stations are anchored to the ground, locked shut, as well as documented with an ingredient card/service record. These stations are serviced every month and activity found will be documented in each service report. In Food & Beverage accounts bar-coding is put in place on all rodent bait stations for reporting purposes. Trend reports of rodent station findings will be available to you on the Customer Portal as well as all past invoices, and service reports. Several bait stations designs are offered such as (the rock) for sensitive areas where we need to be discreet. In most cases, your customer will not know what they are.

Along with the exterior program, interior tin cat traps are placed inside the facility on each side of doors excluding customer areas. These can also be bar-coded for our Food & Beverage plant customers. These units are serviced every month as well, and findings are documented in the service report and can be accessed through the Customer Portal. Our AIB Certified Service Specialists are up to the task!

Insect Treatments

Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, stored product pests etc.. it doesn't matter, Alliance Pest Professionals will treat every month for these pests whether in kitchens, hospital patient rooms, motel rooms or dining rooms and even warehouses and any other areas that are prone to pest problems. We have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to tackle any pest problem you may encounter. Alliance also offers exterior power spray treatments for occasional invaders to create a barrier between your facility, and the great outdoors. Alliance Pest Pro's also offers "green" Pest Solutions!
1. Inspection
2. Removal of Harborage areas
3. Exclusion
4. Judicious use of pesticides
5. Monitoring

"Fly Bye" Flying Insect Program

House Flies, Drain Flies, we have you covered! Alliance will put together a tailored fly program for your facility to include fly lights, and a fly treatment both indoors and outdoors for House Flies. If the problem is Drain or Filth Flies we have treatment options to clean and sterilize your drains with various "green" professional grade foaming agents to eat away the scum build up and prevent harborage areas for fruit flies and moth flies. We are an industry leader when it comes to fly control in any facility!

"Clean Air" Odor Program

Alliance Pest has an odor program available for your restrooms and trash staging areas. There are several type of odor dispensers available from continuous to 30/60 day metered aerosols. You will be able to choose which fragrance you would prefer and one of our Service Specialists will take care of the rest!

Whether your Healthcare, Food Service, Hospitality or Food Processing facility is located in Fincastle, Bedford, or any of the surroundings areas you can count on Alliance Pest Professionals as your one source for Pest Control, Odor Elimination, and Fly Control!

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